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It would seem then, that while there isn’t a perfect day for eating out, making an early booking on a night you know will be busy later, at a restaurant with a short menu that changes all the time is your best bet.

Rebecca Seal, guardian.co.uk on “Is there still a best day to eat out?”

(Source: Guardian)

Feeding The 5000

There’s something amazing happening this week. Friday is the annual Feed the 5000 event at Trafalgar Square. Organizers plan to provide free lunch for 5000 people made entirely out of fresh ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. Boris Johson will open the event. The goal of the initiative is to show how easy it is to reduce the unimaginable levels of food waste in the UK and internationally. Activities on site will educate the public on positive solutions to reducing food waste. Here are some unbelievable food waste facts courtesy of Feeding 5K:

  • All the world’s nearly one billion hungry people could be lifted out of malnourishment on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe.
  • 2.3 million tonnes of fish discarded in the North Atlantic and the North Sea each year; 40 to 60% of all fish caught in Europe are discarded – either because they are the wrong size, species, or because of the ill-governed European quota system.
  • An estimated 20 to 40% of UK fruit and vegetables rejected even before they reach the shops – mostly because they do not match the supermarkets’ excessively strict cosmetic standards.
  • The bread and other cereal products thrown away in UK households alone would have been enough to lift 30 million of the world’s hungry people out of malnourishment.

If you’re near Trafalgar Square on Friday between 12pm to 2pm then check out this worthwhile cause and learn more what you can do to reduce food waste. And we hear they’re still in need of some volunteers, get more information at Feeding5K.org.


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Adria also lost money on it - it had only 15 tables, and opened for just one sitting a day, six months a year – though the restaurant has helped build a brand name that makes him money elsewhere.

—Giles Tremlett on El Bulli via The Observer

(Source: Guardian)

Definitely looks like a great place to check out for your next cocktail hour - the Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell. After work drinks anyone?

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